Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas and viruses and New Year's--oh my!

You read that right--viruses. Plural. As in today was the first day in three weeks that I have not had to take medicine for something. First it was mastitis, then pink eye, then a GI bug the day after Christmas that had the entire Johnson clan down for the count, and then laryngitis the day after that.

Thankfully, I'm on the mend except for a lingering cough and a very scratchy sultry sounding voice. Sigh. 

Apart from the virus attack, our Christmas was fantastic, spent with both sides of the family. Lots of laughter, good food, traveling, and general good cheer, as it should be. Best of all, Phil was off for five days straight. I'm considering a petition for our country to give both parents paid leave at the same time when a child is born. So. much. easier. And Moo does love his daddy!

Speaking of Moo, he has some new tricks now that he's 6 weeks old and all:
  • smiling
  • cooing
  • sucking his thumb
  • making a motorboat sound (I'm pretty sure this is on accident, but it's still pretty cute)
See him all grown up in his Christmas outfit? This is his "Yes ma'am?" face. As in, I just called his name and he said, "Yes ma'am?" That's what I'd like to think, at least.

And my most recent favorite picture of him:
Don't you just love those dimples?

Since Daddy is on call, that little handsome and I will be ringing in the new year together--hopefully by sleeping peacefully through it. :) New Year's resolution(s) to come...

Thursday, December 22, 2011


A friend recently asked me if I had any parenting/baby advice (good or bad) to pass along since she's due with her first in a few weeks. Prior to having a child, I would have been replete with advice, but now I'm reluctant to give it. Every kid is different. Every family has its own challenges and circumstances.

So here's my advice--two things:

ONE: Let yourself be human. In other words, let yourself NOT have all the answers, not have all your ducks in a row, not have everything in your life "together." The first weeks after having a baby is not about having things together; it's about admitting that you don't and getting help when you need it. I'm learning this one still. Learning that it's okay if I don't have time to put my contacts in AND people are coming over, okay if my carpets are dirty a little longer than I'd like for them to be, okay if my clothes don't fit quite right yet. These things are simply HUMAN. No room to judge because, let's be honest: who really has all their "stuff" together?

TWO: Look to the good. Every stage of parenting has its challenges and blessings, and in the midst of sleep deprivation, spit-up, not getting anything (not even a smile!) in return, eating struggles, infections, and whatever else might come your way,  it's easy to focus on the challenges instead of the blessings. I'm learning to focus on the good--on the sleeping baby on my shoulder, on the sweet noises he makes when he eats, on how healthy he is, on the marvel that is the washing machine. Looking to the good makes for such a more joyful life, and that's the one I want to lead.

So, that's it. That's all I've got. Take it or leave it.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Aaaaand, I'm back!

Let me introduce you to my favorite little guy on the planet:

For privacy purposes, we'll call him "Moo," but let's just say that Phil & I are absolutely in love with his name and what it means. 

He made his debut on November 16, weighing in at a whopping 8 lbs., 1 oz., and measuring 22 inches long! As my grandfather would say, "He's a long drink of water." Love those sayings, don't you?

Since then, we've had our ups and downs, but we're figuring this whole parent-kid thing out and it's pretty incredible. 

AND guess what's back??

That's right, my ankles are back! (Please ignore the lovely spider veins, sock imprints, unpainted toenails, and random scrape). And my rings fit me again. Ah, the little joys! Remember these?


Little Moo doesn't like to take very long naps during the day, so when I do have the spare 20-40 minutes while he's down, I'm deciding whether to:
  • Get dressed
  • Eat a meal
  • Take a nap
  • Get the mail/load the dishwasher/start laundry/or any other household chore
You can see why "blogging" hasn't quite made it to the top of the list. But I have a bunch of posts up in the 'ole noggin, so be on the lookout!

 Until then, here are a few more pictures to leave you drooling over: