Thursday, January 1, 2015

Three Things Thursday

Thing one: My word for 2015
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Resolutions and goals are wonderful, and I make them every day/week/year. BUT. I also have this little megaphone voice in my head that regularly says, "You're a failure," and since I'm working on fighting that voice and shutting it down, I thought this may not be the year to make a list of goals that I'll put pressure on myself to keep and feel guilty if I don't or can't or just don't want to accomplish them. So instead, I've come up with a word to frame my year, and this year's word is PRESENCE. As in I want to quit being 20 steps ahead in my mind in every situation. I want to listen/play/sleep/parent/speak well and fully. And I totally get that I can't do that all the time. This planner will fail at living up to this word all year long. But it's more of an aspiration, something that I'm hoping to move closer to on a continuum but not necessarily arrive at. It's all about the journey, man.

Thing two: The Great Purge of 2014
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I thought it was just me, but the more people I talk to, the more I realize it's a thing. Christmas comes and goes and the stuff piles up and you have to rearrange heaven and earth for it to fit in inconspicuous places in your house and it's all just entirely TOO MUCH. So Phil and I spent hours this past week staying up too late going through drawers and cabinets and closets and bins and tossing the ever-loving heck out of anything that wasn't used or useful. We're totally weird and actually love organizing/simplifying/purging projects; we just never have enough time for them! The Great Purge isn't finished, but it's well on its way. Whew!

Thing three: The Mickey of 2014 and 2015.
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I used to think it was disgusting and a sign of poor cleanliness to have a mouse in the house, until we had one that decided to take up residence a couple of months ago. (Yes, months.) It just happens, and I'd wager my floors might be cleaner since he's lived with us because in the night he eats all the crumbs my kids drop under the kitchen table. I'm only partly kidding. This little guy is sneaky. We've spotted him a couple of times, but try as we may, we can't catch him and are about to have to pull out some mouse-trap big guns. Even though Moo has affectionately dubbed him "Mickey," my resolution in 2015 is to live with only humans in my house. That should be doable, right?